Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hot Summer in South Korea!

안녕하세요, Dreamers! Writing this quick post because I suddenly miss blogging. I'm currently in Seoul, South Korea. Oh I just came back from Busan tho. It's freakin' hot here like why did I came here on summer in the first place lol. Can't wait to write a proper post about this trip anyway. I just realized earlier today that I'm trying to act like locals and forgot to "create content" for my blog. I enjoyed things and food and stuff but forgot to take photos of them 😂😂 Don't know what to say about this trip tho, it's fun but it's too hot hahaha. One thing I love about Seoul (and make me want to live here- sorry, Japan) is how the people dress :") oh and the food! Yah...just like that. If you want to see my updates, just kindly follow my instagram @japobs 😆

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Happiest Place I'd Be // Harajuku Stroll

Yoo, Dreamers! Feeling so bad for not posting anything about my Japan trip anymore. One year has passed and I still have so many posts queuing. I thought I'd be so excited to write all the #BigDreamerInJapan posts but nah, real life problems + poor time management. I'm trying to make it up now, before I go on another trip in the near future. So! In case you don't know, I have this special thing with Harajuku. I still see it as my happiest-place-I'd-be but I also realized the reality is not always as great as your imagination/ expectation/ anything you hear about. Will tell you why below, so keep on reading ;)
In front of Harajuku Station :)
How to Get There:Harajuku is located between Shibuya and Shinjuku station on the JR Yamanote Line.

Let's start the Harajuku Stroll (a.k.a photo diary)!
I actually went to Harajuku (Takeshita Street) twice, once in the night by myself and once in the afternoon with my friend. It's not enough actually, I haven't explored all of the stores :( I didn't take enough photos for content, I didn't visit any cafe there, but it gave me enough reason to go back, hahaha.
Some tips I can share with you before visiting Harajuku/ Takeshita Street:
- The stores are closed around 8 PM. I didn't know about this, arrived there at night (not even planned), strolled around and the stores began to close one by one. I was like, seriously? Hey, it's Harajuku! Doesn't it supposed to open until late night? lol. 
- Avoid the weekends! OMG! It's. So. Freaking. Crowded. The street was full of people (both local and tourists) and we couldn't even walk one full step, hahaha.
- Visit Cat Street. It's less crowded than Takeshita Street tho. I knew if from the manga "Cat Street" and decided to visit it with my friend's guide. 
- Make sure to find this Harajuku Moshi Moshi Box- just for a mandatory proof photo that you've been to Harajuku. Well, it's just my own opinion, lol. This Moshi Moshi Box is actually information center about Harajuku, with clocks that show time around the world, decorated in legit Harajuku kawaii way- with stuffed animal, ribbon, toys, you name it. 
- People said that one of the things you must do in Harajuku is trying the crepes. Oh well I was so rebel I didn't try it, lol. No, no, actually I wanted to but the timing When I went for the first time at night, I was thinking that I'd just eat it on the next visit. But turned out, it's too crowded on my next visit that I didn't even think about it anymore. I just wanted to get out of there as quick as I could :(
- Don't miss out Kiddy Land! It's paradise for cute characters lovers- kids or grownups. It has 5 floors and all kinds of cartoon/ characters you can imagine from Disney, Sanrio, Japanese manga/anime, Ghibli, you name it. I was sooo excited when I saw Gudetama but poor me, I didn't buy any of it. So, let me show you some snippets from the store here ;)
- Last but not least, thrift-hunting. I visited Panama Boy and I love the vintage vibe! I didn't buy anything tho, it's quite expensive even for used-clothes but the quality is also still so great. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

#japobsOOTD: That Mandatory IKEA Photo Spot

I bet you've seen this kind of photos before, huh? It's like the most mainstream photo spot when IKEA first opened in Alam Sutera, Indonesia a few years ago. I actually took outfit photos here before and I went there again a few weeks ago with my colleagues, didn't want to waste the chance to create new content for this blog ;))
Oh, I remember back then when we don't need too much "effort" to take outfit photos for blog. I mean, we (mostly) just focus in expressing/showing our style/outfit/look without thinking too much about the background. Corner of the bedroom, in front of white wall, etc as long as we can show the whole outfit. These days, it may look boring to show the same background continuously in your blog/ Instagram posts, right? People are "racing" to find the aesthetic spots to create the great photos. But yeah, things change and it's not always bad. I love cute and eye-pleasing places tho. It DOES make outfit photos turn out great! 

I went to IKEA with my colleagues on the Idul Fitri holiday, it's not as crowded as I expected, thankfully. Won't say too much about what we did there, I'll just tell you about the outfit. I wore a T-shirt from Skelly, it's really comfortable! Paired it with newly bought cropped pants with ring belt, also added a denim jacket- because as always, outerwear saves the day, lol. To complete the look, I wore my Mint Onitsuka Tiger sneakers and Nike mini backpack. I loooove the color of this bag, bought it because I fell in love at the first sight (with the color combo ;p). What do you think?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Review: FOTATO // Aplikasi Wajib Punya Untuk yang Suka Foto-foto

Makan enak, foto. Outfit kece, foto. Jalan-jalan ke tempat keren, foto. Nongkrong sama temen-temen, foto. Kayanya sekarang mau ngapa-ngapain nggak afdol ya kalo nggak dibarengi foto? Hayo ngaku, kalian gitu juga nggak? Hahaha. Kalo aku, fotonya sih suka banget, tapi kadang mau mindahin ke laptop atau kirim-kirimin ke temen/keluarga tuh mager banget. Harus nyolok kabel usb dulu dari hp ke laptop, atau kirimin fotonya satu-satu ke mereka. Ribet, tapi ditagih mulu ;p Nah, aku kemaren sempet nyobain aplikasi sharing foto untuk Smartphone Android, namanya Fotato. Ternyata aplikasi ini tuh memudahkan banget untuk urusan sharing-sharing foto gitu! Apalagi aku kan kalo nulis blog di laptop, otomatis aku harus mindahin foto dari HP ke laptop, dan salah satu fitur Fotato ini membantu banget. Aku bakal tunjukin fitur ini di bawah, tapi sebelumnya aku jelasin dikit dulu kali ya tentang aplikasi berbagi foto ini ;)
Tbh, sebelumnya aku nggak pernah ngeh ada aplikasi android berbagi foto ini. Masih terpaku sama cara sharing foto via email atau chat (yang kualitasnya suka berkurang banyakkk) gitu deh. Pas baru install dan buka aplikasinya, muncul short guidance kaya gini yang ngejelasin fitur-fiturnya:

Dari semua fitur yang ditawarkan di atas, aku paling semangat nyobain yang scan qr code dan instant photo sharing.
Intinya sih, instant photo sharing ini memungkinkan kamu untuk langsung share foto yang baru aja di jepret ke temen-temen atau keluarga. Setelah fotonya masuk ke gallery kita, kita punya waktu 3 hari untuk download. Setelah 3 hari, foto-foto tersebut bakal otomatis hilang. I think this one is really convenient for wefie xD Foto sekali, langsung masuk di hp semuanya (makanya ajak juga mereka buat install Fotato, hehe) Btw, aplikasi berbagi foto ini kan untuk Android ya, gimana kalo temen/keluarga kita ternyata pakenya iOS? Tenang, tentu ada solusinya (yang juga merupakan fitur favoritku) yaitu QR Code.
Sharing foto dengan qr code ini bisa dilakukan di pc/laptop dan juga hp. Yang perlu dilakukan cuma mengakses link ini: trus nanti langsung muncul deh codenya. Caranya juga mudah kok, tinggal pilih foto yang mau dibagiin, klik logo qr codenya, trus arahin ke code yang ada di laptop/hp temen. Setelah fotonya muncul, tinggal di download. Super simple omg :") Oh iya, bukan berarti ini cuma bisa 1 foto ya. Kalo mau masukin lebih banyak foto lagi, tinggal klik tanda plus trus scan lagi codenya (ngulangin step tadi). Nanti tinggal di download dan foto-fotonya akan otomatis dikompres jadi zip. Cara lainnya, pilih foto-foto yang ingin dibagiin dengan cara menahan agak lama di satu foto, kemudian setelah muncul centang, tinggal pilih yang kamu mau, lalu baru di scan QR codenya :D
Fitur lain Fotato ini bisa memudahkan kamu pas lagi mau nyari foto di hari tertentu tanpa ngescroll satu-satu foto di folder hp. Tinggal buka kalender, cari tanggalnya trus langsung deh muncul semua foto yang diambil di tanggal tersebut.

Nggak perlu khawatir juga kalo ternyata ada foto yang nggak ingin  diperlihatkan/bagiin ke orang lain, soalnya ada juga fitur untuk lock/hide dan unlock foto-fotonya. Kira-kira itulah beberapa fitur yang aku suka dari Fotato, untuk tau lebih lengkap dan dalam tentang aplikasi berbagi foto android ini, bisa loh kunjungin website/ social media mereka. Websitenya lengkap banget kok, di sana mereka jelasin tentang aplikasinya beserta cara-cara penggunaannya. Jadi kalo kalian seneng foto-foto atau wefie bareng temen atau keluarga, coba aja download dan install Fotato ini: 

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