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#japobsOOTD: Blazer Set

Coming back with new #japobsOOTD post! As you can see, this is actually old outfit that I wore when I still had the pink peek-a-boo hair. I have always wanted blazer set- with shorts to be exact. I bought this grey grid blazer set when I stumbled upon one of online store that I followed. This blazer set can be worn 3 ways. Unfortunately, I just wore it like this without styling it another ways. Maybe later? I can actually wear it as one set, just the shorts, or just the blazer. 

It's quite cheap and the quality is not as good as I expected, but it worth the price. It's fine to wear this on casual or semi-casual occasions. The grey color also friendly to mix and match with another fashion items/ color. 
I wore this blazer set with dark grey t-shirt, you can actually wear it with fun graphic tee too. In my opinion, wearing shirt with this blazer set will make it too formal and boring. I wanted to go with casual look, so I put on my white sneakers to complete the whole look. Because fanny pack was so hot that time, I decided to use it with this blazer set. A little touch of sweet color to dull color palette, nice idea huh? :p

What do you think about this outfit? 
Is it better with the pink fanny pack or without?

Sunday, August 5, 2018

My Preparation for South Korea Trip + Some Tips

My Preparation for South Korea Trip | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Hi, Dreamers! After the preparation post I wrote about going to Japan, I’m finally back with another one: what I prepared before going to South Korea. This time I went to Seoul and Busan, and actually Incheon too. Okay, I won't say too much, let's just get it started!

Yeah, of course the first thing to do is always booking the flight. Either you want to hunt for cheap ticket or just going whenever you want, it’s up to you. My friend and I didn’t look for promo/ cheap ticket but we somehow managed to get cheaper price for our flight. My friend’s intuition was too good lol. We get Garuda Indonesia round trip ticket for only IDR 4.8mio while it’s usually around IDR 6mio, such a good deal right? 

Second important thing to do is to book accommodation, be it guest house, hostel, or hotel. We booked ours via booking.com- it's called Kimchee Guest House, located in Hongdae. It's quite popular among tourists/ backpacker. There are two in Seoul, one in Hongdae and another one in Downtown area. The one in Hongdae has easier transportation access, but the house condition is not at its best, fyi. We also stayed at Kimchee Guest House in Busan and it's much much more comfortable there.
Itinerary for South Korea Trip | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Fixed itinerary is not really my thing- especially for this trip. I went to South Korea with my friend who is fluent in Korean + had gone there a few times so I was like just throwing anything to her, following anywhere she suggested (with some of my own place-to-visit). But! I think you need to know the rough plan tho. You need to know where to go in a day so you can spend your time effectively. I can't provide the perfect itinerary, but you can find some inspiration from the internet and plan your own ;)

Guys, this is so important! I personally can't handle hot weather well, but I went there in summer. I don't say it's a mistake but I know I'd enjoy it better in another season/ cooler weather. I was kinda worried and asked my friend if it's okay to go there in summer? I was afraid it'd be too hot to handle. Turned out, IT'S REALLY TOO HOT! Everyone was complaining about how hot the day was, you want to know how bad it was? Imagine yourself in sauna, like literally. I, finally got to experience something they called "hot wave" in Korea, lol. I'm gonna write a post about how to survive the hot summer in Korea, okay? I think it's better to visit in Spring/ Autumn, at least you won't be walking with drenching sweat. Every season has its own beauty, tho.

We had to book the KTX ticket because we were going to Busan. Another reason you need (rough) itinerary is to know when to buy the transportation ticket, especially when you need to book it first. We can buy the ticket at least one month before the departure date from Korail website and payment can be done with credit card. Make sure to bring your credit card with you when you're going to Korea.

You can't get into South Korea without visa, can you? It's the most important thing to do after booking the ticket. I applied my visa 2 weeks before the departure date by myself, didn't use any travel agent to help me. Because I'm going for the first time, I applied for single visa that costed me IDR 544.000. Before applying visa, we must pay via Hana Bank first (located inside the embassy area). You can read all the information you need about the visa application here. Prepare all the documents needed and pray to pass, hahaha.

Who can live without internet connection nowadays, huh? You actually have some options for this, either rent a WiFi router or buy sim card from destination's local provider. Both has its own benefits, but for this trip I decided to buy sim card because it's more convenient. Reasons why I chose sim card: I don't need to charge it everyday, it's affordable with strong connection, I can go anywhere by myself. If you rent a WiFi router for you and your friends (or family/ group), you can't go separated way and it's pretty inconvenient for me. We booked our sim card from Jakarta, but you can actually buy it on the spot at Incheon International Airport. We bought the 10 days plan for 34.000 won.

I went to the money changer called Valuta Artha Mas in ITC Kuningan, which is popular with its cheaper rate. I didn't change much money because my friend and I planned to just withdraw the money directly from Korean bank. We used Kookmin Bank (KB) because it has better rate than others, just make sure your card has Visa logo on it. FYI, most stores also accept credit card as payment.

Choose clothes that's suitable with the season when you're traveling. Because I went there in summer, I could just bring anything I usually wear in Indonesia because it's basically hot all the time. And I also didn't bring too much clothes because I planned to just buy clothes there.

Additional tips:
T-money can be used for any transportations in South Korea such as bus, subway, even vending machine. I bought mine from machine at the airport that costed me 4.000 won, but we need to top up first before using it. There are top up machines right beside it. In case you forget to buy it at the airport/ lose it, T-money can be easily found at convenience store like 7 Eleven, CU, GS, etc.

FYI, Google Maps doesn't work well in South Korea, unlike Japan. With Kakao Maps, you can make sure that you're going to the right direction. It's basically the same with Google Maps, but in Korean. I was kinda confused at first, but adjusted after awhile. It can be used for riding the bus, subway, or walking.

Seriously, South Korea- especially Seoul- is shopping paradise! From beauty, fashion, even food is so buy-able (is this even a word??!) there, lol. We got 30kg each for the baggage so I decided to bring extra luggage so I could buy more things. It's optional tho, if you think it will be too troublesome/ you won't shop too much then don't.
Okay, those are some preparations I did before my Korea trip, I hope this post can help you preparing yours! Feel free to ask me by leaving comment or just hit me via Instagram ;) See ya on the next post! Jaa ne~

Friday, August 3, 2018

Review: #HairReadyToGo // Ellips Dry Shampoo to the Rescue

Ellips Dry Shampoo Review | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Tbh, dry shampoo is a must-have item for me. As you can see, aku selalu punya rambut warna-warni dua tahun terakhir ini. Pada dasarnya rambut aku emang gampaaang banget berminyak, tapi di sisi lain aku nggak boleh sering-sering keramas karena warna rambutnya bisa jadi cepat luntur. Nggak mau dong aku udah bayar mahal-mahal tapi warnanya cuma bertahan 2 minggu, hahaha. Nggak cuma itu, tau ga sih kalau cewe rata-rata ngabisin 55 menit untuk siap-siap sebelum pergi? Sedangkan, rambut abis dibleaching tuh susaaaah banget keringnya. Bayangin aja kalo lagi buru-buru, yang ada malah telat gara-gara kelamaan keringin rambut.
Serba salah karena kalo udah bad hair day tuh males banget, bawaannya cuma pengen iket rambut atau cepat-cepat keramas besokannya. Jadi, dry shampoo jadi salah satu solusi untuk kegalauanku karena tetap bisa sampoan tanpa keramas. Aku sebenernya pernah nyobain dry shampoo sebelumnya, tapi kurang suka sama baunya dan somehow bikin kulit kepalaku gateeel. OMG makin nggak betah deh udah bad hair day ditambah gatel kaya gitu. Nah, berhubung aku dapet dry shampoo dari Ellips, aku penasaran sama hasilnya nih. Ellips sebenernya juga udah terkenal dengan produk perawatan rambutnya seperti hair vitamin, hair mask, serum, dll.
Klaimnya, dry shampoo dari Ellips ini memberikan solusi instan untuk rambut berminyak dan menyerap minyak berlebih di kulit kepala dalam 1 menit, dan juga bikin rambut  jadi halus, indah, dan bervolume.
Ellips Dry Shampoo tersedia dalam 4 varian, yaitu:
- Blossom (Floral Aroma)
- Fruity (Fruity Aroma)
- Breeze (Freshness Aroma)
- Exotic (Tropical Aroma)

Bentuknya kaleng aerosol dan tersedia dalam 2 ukuran, 50 mL dan 200 mL. Yang ukuran kecilnya travel friendly banget, pas untuk dibawa di tas kemana-mana. Tapi inget yah, jangan bawa spray kaya gini ke dalam pesawat ;) Sedangkan yang ukuran besar bisa kita gunakan untuk di rumah. Warnanya metalik beda-beda sesuai dengan aromanya, eyecatching tapi nggak norak. Semua informasi seputar produk juga bisa kita temuin di kalengnya. Dari hampersnya, aku dapet yang Blossom dalam ukuran 50 mL dan Breeze dalam ukuran 200 mL.

Cara Pakai (hanya butuh 1 menit!):
Ellips Dry Shampoo How to use | www.bigdreamerblog.com
1. Kocok secukupnya sebelum disemprot,
2. Semprotkan dry shampoo ke kulit kepala sekitar 30 cm dari rambut, karena kalau terlalu dekat nantinya akan ada putih-putih yang nempel di rambut seperti bedak/ ketombe gitu,
3. Pijat-pijat kulit kepala dengan jari, kemudian lanjutkan dengan styling seperti biasa.

First Impression:
Ellips Dry Shampoo Result | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Hal pertama yang aku notice sejak disemprotkan adalah wanginya, yang ijo ini wanginya seger banget. Pas disemprot berasa agak dingin juga di kulit kepala tapi meninggalkan residu kalau nyemprotnya kebanyakan atau kedekatan (makanya penting untuk jaga jarak pas semprot). Setelah dipijat-pijat sebentar hasilnya bisa dibilang langsung kelihatan sih. Rambut yang tadinya teplek nemplok (?) gitu jadi lebih bervolume, nggak mengkilat lagi, dan yang paling penting, nggak bikin gatel! Aku nyobain dua varian yang aku dapet dan aku lebih suka yang Breeze karena wanginya lebih fresh dan nggak mengganggu untuk hidung aku yang agak sensitif sama bau. 
Ellips Dry Shampoo Before After | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Dry shampoo sebenernya nggak cuma dipake untuk yang ngecat rambut loh ya. Produk ini juga bisa dipake buat yang males keramas atau lebih tepatnya nggak sempet keramas di saat buru-buru. Nggak jarang juga rambut kita tetep berminyak walaupun udah keramas paginya, karena faktor panas atau faktor-faktor lainnya (naik ojek + pake helm contohnya), makanya ukuran dry shampoo yang kecil ini pas banget untuk dibawa-bawa biar selalu #ReadyHairToGo kapan pun dibutuhkan. Aku juga sering liat blogger lain yang udah review dan merekomendasikan produk ini. Overall aku suka karena dry shampoo ini nggak bikin kulit kepala gatel, baunya nggak nusuk, dan yang pasti works really well untuk bikin rambut terlihat mengembang dan nggak mengkilap gara-gara minyak.  
Dry Shampoo Ellips ini harganya terjangkau banget, yaitu IDR 56.200 untuk yang ukuran 200 mL dan IDR 29.450 untuk yang 50mL. Tersedia di online (Tokopedia dan Lazada) dan offline store (drug store, department store). Go get yours!

Event Report: #DitraktirManjaBeautynesia // Beautynesia Soiree 3.0

Hola, Dreamers! I was attending Beautynesia 3rd Anniversary event: Beautynesia Soiree 3.0 last Tuesday and it's pretty fun. I could meet my blogger friends after so long, I was spoiled by Beautynesia, did fun activities, took photos, and ate a lot. Oh, not to forget I got a looot of stuff too. Brace yourself because I'm gonna show you some snippets of the event and some products I got for free (+ quick review!).
The event was started at 4 PM (but we were told to be there at 3 PM tho) so before that we tried this DIY Japanese bag called Furoshiki- basically made from a piece of square wrapping clothes. There are many ways to do it, but it's pretty simple.
While waiting for the event to start, my friends and I went to the swimming pool and took some pics. The event was held at Harris Hotel at FX Sudirman, they have a lot of nice spots to take OOTD photos, especially the swimming pool and tennis court (didn't take pics there tho). 
 The first activity we did was Creating glam look for dinner with Pixy. We were given 30 minutes to create our own version. I made my eyeliner longer and thicker with their eyeliner- which was my first eyeliner! I also stated before that I looove Pixy matte lip cream, so I used it to create ombre lips. There was actually competition for this but I knew I wouldn't win anyway so yeah, just enjoyed it lol. 
After beautify ourselves, there was another treat from them, called #Ditraktirmanjabeautynesia. We got free stuff like massage, spa, clothes (for hijabers), and bra from Wacoal. We visited Wacoal store and they gave us travel bra- which is one of their latest products. This bra is a must-have for traveler/ travel enthusiasts because it's super convenient and we can save more space for another things in the luggage. Basically we can roll this bra but it won't change the shape of the bra. Cool, huh? 
Time was ticking, we waited quite long before starting the next agenda. The CEO was giving some speech about Beautynesia journey, blew up the candles on the birthday cake, and finally we got to eat. I was so hangry, lol. They served buffet so you can imagine how much I ate, can't you? :p
Last but not least, we were playing Bingo game and of course when it depends on luck, I never win :))) Oh, they also announced the winners for competitions like best OOTD, MOTD, and Harris Hotel challenge. I didn't win any tho :p
In the end of the event, we were given a loooot of products from sponsor brands such as:
Sponsored by :
Abstract Beauty: @abstractbeautyid
Ovale : @ovalebeautyid
Ellips : @ellips_haircare

Brand Partner:
Martha Tilaar Spa : @marthatilaar_spa
Aveeno : @aveeno_id
The Clinic Beautylosophy : @theclinicid
Babor : @baborindonesia
Wacoal : @wacoal_id
Kokuo Reflexology : @kokuoreflexology
Suqma : @suqmaid
Pixy : @pixycosmetics
Viu : @viuindonesia
Harris Suites :@harrishotels
Health and Happiness : @h2_healthandhappiness
Happy 3rd anniversary, Beautynesia!

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