Tuesday, October 17, 2017

WRP Everyday FruitBar Grand Launching, #HappyEveryday!

I attended WRP FruitBar grand launching on Saturday 2 weeks ago with another bloggers who have niche in fashion, beauty, and travel. I, of course chose fashion. Our dress code was pastel color, which was matching the event's atmosphere and made the event seemed so youthful and fun. Will write about my outfit that day on another post, so now let's focus on the launching event ;)
First thing first, we were having press conference about #wrpeveryday newest product: WRP Everyday FruitBar. Nofa Sumawarti as WRP General Brand Manager explained about their newest product. She also accompanied by Janine  Intansari, a beauty blogger. 
WRP Everyday has this tagline, "Generasi Millenial, Generasi #HappyEveryday". Why we should be happy everyday? By being happy we can be more confident and believe in our capability to do anything we love. We as Millennials, especially girls with happy mind can inspire many people out there by doing our hobby or passion, such as blogger, celebgrams, etc. 
As for me, being a blogger is something I'm proud of. It started with my love for Japan, fashion, and sharing any information for my readers. One of my advice is, don't start doing this blogging thing with money in your mind. If you don't love blogging or have passion in it, blogging can be really stressful. You need to love doing this to be successful. Money will follow later tho, just keep doing what you can with so much love, and be happy :) I'm happy being a fashion blogger because this is so me
So, what's the connection with WRP Everyday FruitBar? Sometimes when you're writing your blogpost or doing any activities....I bet you're craving for some snacks, right? I resist hard not to eat any snacks because they will make me feel bloated...and fat. But you know, eating is one of my happy pill, so sometimes it's getting annoying to stay hungry when I need to write new post. Then WRP Everyday came with a brilliant idea to keep you happy with their  FruitBar, tasty and low calories snack bar with rich nutritions. We can happily snacking in the middle of night, anytime anywhere because this FruitBar only has 80calories/serving!
Janine is a famous beauty blogger in Indonesia who loves to share her tips and tricks in makeup and beauty. She also has signature style such as ombre eyebrow and lips. After the introduction to the product and some talks, Janine showed us how to create her signature ombre lips. Janine said that she enjoys eating FruitBar so much while editing her tutorial videos. 
After the press conference and first bite of fruit bar, they also gave us WRP low fat milk. I 've avoided drinking chocolate or any flavors milk (banana is my favorite) for some time because of its high calories. I used to drink milk 2 or 3 times a day, lol. But then, it turns out their low fat milk only has 110 calories/serving. Now I can drink tasty milk again! Yeay~
We also had some chit-time time with 2 bloggers from each category, I was one of them. I was so happy to have a chance to share my passion in (fashion) blogging, gave people tips and encouragement to be what they want and follow their dream/passion. 
I've faced many ups and downs during my blogging journey, urge to stop because one and another reason, but in the end I always go back to blogging because I love doing it despite what people think and the "standard" out there. I ever wrote in this post, about how people think about my unusual fashion style, something that's not "kekinian" or mainstream, fashion that's not so Indonesian, and stuff. But again, I blog because I want to show you about something I love. About my PERSONAL fashion style, about something that I can proudly shout "This is so me!" If I have to mention one thing that concerns me, it'd be my body shape. I'm not skinny, although I'm not fat either, but you can see so many "fashion blogger" out there who have slim and the so-called "perfect" body. After some time, it's tiring to keep thinking about this concern, because whatever my body shape is, I still love fashion and blog about it. So, embrace what you have and change to the better if you don't like it. You don't need to be skinny, you need to be healthy.
If you think the event ended here, no you're wrong! We still had some fun games going on, such as creating ombre lips for beauty bloggers, summer time styling for fashion bloggers, and packing game for travel bloggers. And again, I joined the game ๐Ÿ˜‚ Got second place after 'embarrassing' myself in front of all people. Worth it. Got another 5 fruit bars. Worth it.
At the end of event we also got hampers from WRP contains of Fruit Bar and low fat milk, enough to fulfill my snack cravings at work or night- without feeling guilty! Thanks for having me, WRP! I had so much fun :3
Let's see what's inside the hamper:
(to avoid mistakes in explaining the products, I'll write in bahasa)
| WRP Everyday Fruit Bar  
WRP Everyday FruitBar ini mengandung vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, C, dan E serta zat besi dan magnesium. Selain itu, jumlah kalori WRP FruitBar ini juga hanya 80Kkal/saji, padahal mengandung Apricot, Raisin, dan juga coklat. Jujur aja, aku selalu menghindari "makanan sehat" yang mengandung coklat (kecuali dark choco) karena parno bikin gendut. Eh ternyata si WRP FruitBar yang mengandung coklat ini malah kalorinya lebih rendah dari snack bar lain yang nggak pake coklat. Forget your thought that snacking on chocolate will make you fat! Teehee~ Ditambah dengan kemasan yang ringan, produk ini bisa kita bawa-bawa dan dimakan di mana aja pas kita pengen ngemil. Salah satu keunikan dari produk ini adalah teksturnya yang chewy, yang akhirnya bikin kita ngunyah lebih lama dan bikin efek kenyang yang lebih tahan lama juga. Jadi, yuk #NgemilFruitBAReng ;)

| WRP Everyday Low Fat Milk  

Seperti yang udah aku ngomongin di atas, I'm actually a fan of milk yang ngurangin minum susu karna takut gendut, lol. I've spent my life drinking plain low calories milk these days *cry* Nah, biar ngemil dengan WRP Everyday FruitBar-nya makin lengkap, minum juga nih WRP Everyday Low Fat Milk, yaitu susu rendak lemak kaya nutrisi dan kalsium tinggi yang dikemas dalam kemasan praktis. Low fat milk ini mengandung Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, Vitamin C, D, E, Kalsium, Fosfor, Magnesium, Zat Besi, Selenium, Iodium, Seng, dan juga Biotin. Walaupun rendak lemak, susu ini nggak tasteless malah tersedia dalam 2 rasa yang enak, vanilla dan coklat. Packagingnya girly dan praktis dibawa di dalam tas, tapi sayangnya harus diseduh dulu. Sejujurnya aku lebih prefer kalo WRP Everyday Low Fat Milk ini dikemas dalam kemasan kotak dan bisa langsung diminum. 

I'm not skinny, but to be honest I'm trying to maintain my body by stop eating junk food, snacks like potato chips, cookies, sweetened beverages, etc. Thanks to WRP Everyday new products- FruitBar and Low Fat Milk, I can eat snack anytime without worrying about the calories and its effects to my body. They also help me to always be positive and stay in good mood because I'm cranky when I'm hungry, lol. Now I can write any blogposts with happy mind, because this is so me! Let's be #HappyEveryday~

Sunday, October 8, 2017

How to Dress A Like Korean

How to Dress Like A Korean | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Happy Sunday, dreamers! Back with a new style post, which is one of my favorite outfit so far. From this outfit I can even write about "How to Dress Like A Korean", because I think this style is a trend in Korea especially in summer (hey, it always feels like summer here).
How to Dress Like A Korean with Floral Dress | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Floral dress- Bangkok // Sling bag- CG freebies // Sneakers- Onitsuka Tiger
How to Dress Like A Korean Style | www.bigdreamerblog.com

My own version of how to dress like a Korean is with a floral slip/maxi dress, t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers! Actually you can wear any shoes for this outfit (flats or strap sandals), but if you're a Korean street style lover, I bet you know that they LOVE wearing sneakers with (almost) every outfits, either it's girly or boyish style. That's also the reason why I love Korean streetstyle  tho #sneakersforlife ๐Ÿ˜‚ To complete this look, I decided to wear a simple sling bag with gingham ribbon. You can bring a tote bag for more Korean look ;)
How to Dress Like A Korean Outfit | www.bigdreamerblog.com
How to Dress Like A Korean Look | www.bigdreamerblog.com
How to Dress Like A Korean Onitsuka Tiger | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Anyway, my Mom bought me this dress for a very cheap price in Bangkok. You can easily find this kind of dress anywhere these days tho. For the sneakers, it's one of my most-loved sneakers because I bought it at Onitsuka Tiger in Japan + my favorite color + it's my own money + it's my first >1mio sneakers lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ Okay, that's it! Tell me what's your favorite items to create a Korean look at comment section, I'd love to know :)) Jaa ne!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Okinawa vs Hokkaido, Which One Is Better?

Hola, saatnya ngomongin liburan di Jepang lagi! *sambil ngetik dari kamar berharap lagi berada di Jepang* Kali ini, aku mau ngebahas 2 lokasi liburan di Jepang yang terkenal banget nih, yaitu Okinawa dan Hokkaido. Dari judul postingan ini mungkin kalian udah nebak aku bakal ngomongin tentang apa. Aku bakal ngebandingin 2 tempat ini, bukan nunjukin mana yang bagus mana yang jelek, tapi lebih ke ciri khas masing-masing yang bikin mereka better dikunjungi di musim tertentu. So, shall we start? 
In my opinion, Okinawa dan Hokkaido gives their best attractiveness in different season. Okinawa cocoknya dikunjungi pas musim panas/summer, sedangkan Hokkaido pas musim dingin/winter. Yuk, lihat wisata populer apa aja yang ada di masing-masing lokasi ini.#JelajahiDuniaBersamaHISGO
Okinawa juga dikenal sebagai Hawaii-nya Jepang berkat keindahan pantai-pantainya. Sekarang tau kan, kenapa aku bilang Okinawa cocok dikunjungi pas summer? Keep on reading kalo kamu mau tau apa aja tempat wisata populer di Okinawa ini ;)
|Shuri Castle 
img source
Shuri Castle termasuk salah satu UNESCO World Heritage Sites di Okinawa dan adalah satu-satunya castle di Okinawa yang dikembalikan ke bentuk aslinya seperti zaman kejayaannya. Letaknya ada di Naha dan kita bakal butuh waktu berjam-jam untuk mengelilingi kawasan kastil ini saking luasnya. And guess what, Shuri Castle adalah wisata populer nomor 1 di Okinawa. Jadi, jelas kan wajib dikunjungi, hehe.
|Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium 
Aku udah pernah ngomong sebelumnya (di postingan Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan) kalo aku pengen banget ke aquarium ini sejak aku kecil. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium ini merupakan aquarium terbesar ke-2 di dunia dan merupakan atraksi utama dari Ocean Expo Park. Yang bikin mupeng tentu aja tank super besar yang berisi ikan-ikan seperti Whale Shark, Manta Rays, dll. Menurut website Japan Guide, aquarium ini adalah tempat wisata populer kedua yang paling banyak dikunjungi di Okinawa.
|Cape Manzamo 
Cape Manzamo juga termasuk salah satu tempat wisata populer di Okinawa, yang terletak di sebelah barat pulau dan menghadap Laut Tiongkok Timur. Lokasi ini paling gampang diakses dari Onna Village. Di sini kita bisa menikmati sunset yang indah banget. Oh iya, Cape Manzamo ini juga jadi lokasi shooting drama It's Okay That's Love, lho!
We can say Hokkaido is the winter wonderland of Japan. Hokkaido ini terletak di ujung utara Jepang dan termasuk daerah paling dingin di Jepang selama musim dingin. Beberapa post sebelumnya aku pernah bahas tentang Hokkaido di saat musim panas, jadi kali ini....ayo explore wisata populer Hokkaido yang must-visit saat musim dingin!
|Sapporo Snow Festival 
img source
Salah satu atraksi yang terkenal dari Hokkaido adalah Sapporo Snow Festival yang diselenggarakan di Odori Park, biasanya di bulan Februari. Di sini kita bisa ngeliat berbagai patung dan bangunan yang terbuat dari salju, bahkan kita juga bisa main perosotan yang dibentuk dari salju. Mupeng? Sama. Hahaha. Trus, kalo mau ngeliat festival ini secara keseluruhan, bisa dilihat dari Sapporo TV Tower observatory deck, ya.
|Shirahige Falls 
Well, sebenernya air terjun yang terhubung ke Blue Pond ini nggak terlihat istimewa saat musim panas, tapi ketika musim dingin, Shirahige Falls berubah menjadi salah satu tujuan wisata yang breathtaking. Sayangnya, mengunjungi Blue Pond nggak disarankan ketika musim dingin soalnya ga bakal keliatan air birunya.
img source
Cara untuk experience musim dingin dengan maksimal adalah dengan mengunjungi lokasi wisata populer ini, yaitu Abashiri. Abashiri terletak di sebelah timur Hokkaido, punya atraksi utama berupa museum penjara dan Ryuhyo (drift ice). Yang ingin aku bahas di sini lebih ke Ryuhyonya, because we're talking about winter anyway :)) Dengan Aurora Sightseeing Boats kita akan dibawa menikmati pemandangan musim dingin yang indah dan seolah-olah berlayar membelah es.
Gimana? Jadi tambah pengen ke sana kan? Cus rencanain liburan mau kemana biar bisa nabung mulai dari sekarang :p Seperti biasa, kalau pada mager rencanain liburan sendiri, sekarang mah udah banyak open trip atau jasa-jasa travel agent yang bantuin kamu planning trip, salah satunya ya H.I.S Travel Indonesia. Nggak perlu ribet ke kantornya langsung, kalo mager tinggal booking aja di pc/hp lewat H.I.S Online Booking *generasi mager* Karna aku ngebahas soal Okinawa dan Hokkaido, aku jadinya coba nyari-nyari juga paket tour di H.I.S Travel Indonesia, iseng berujung mupeng ceritanya. Ternyata ada kok paket tour ke Okinawa dan Hokkaido yang bisa dipesen lewat H.I.S Online Booking. Nih aku kasih linknya kalo pengen cek juga: Okinawa (4D3N) - Hokkaido (9D8N). #JelajahiDuniaBersamaHISGO all the way~ Oh iya, cek juga tips seputar skincare, beauty, makeup di website Beautynesia, biar kece saat liburan kemanapun!

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