Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Brunch Jacket

yoins brunch jacket | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Hi again, dreamers! As I've always said, I have a thing for jacket and it's my key point to any outfit. So, in this post, I'm gonna review my latest jacket obsession: Brunch jacket with sukajan style that I got from Yoins.com. Brace yourself, there will be a lot of photos in this post because I simply can't choose which one to post ;p
Yoins brunch jacket outfit | www.bigdreamerblog.com
When I saw this jacket at yoins.com, I didn't even think twice to add it to the cart. Everything was perfect, from the color combination, prints, and the sukajan style. I was so excited about this jacket, and guess what, their shipping was so fast it's beyond my expectation. I just placed my order than a few moments (or hours) later they told me the jacket was already shipped. Like, seriously?
My jacket arrived at my home safely after a week or 2 weeks, I'm sorry I didn't check the date when it arrived but trust me it's so fast and packed nicely. Ready to take a closer look of this jacket?
As you can see, it came with a label from Korea, I don't know what brand it is. I think I know there's one brand that sell a jacket like this, maybe the official one. And the embroidery on this jacket is not perfect, there are some spaces among the embroidery but thankfully it still looks nice in distance. Its sleeves band are also thinner that usual jacket's sleeves band but that's actually not a problem. Overall, I love this jacket so d*mn much. I love how the red color pops out when I take photos and how nice the combination of red, navy, and white color. On top of that, the idea of brunch details is brilliant, because who doesn't love to eat? One thing to note, this jacket is not an option to wear outdoor (except for fall or winter) especially in Jakarta. You'll melt, hahaha. I will rate this jacket 4 of 5 :)
Yoins brunch jacket denim overall outfit | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Crop Top- HM // Denim Overall- Mom's // Jacket- c/o Yoins // Sneakers- Vans sk8-hi // Bag- CosmoGirl!
I wore it with stripes crop top from HM and denim overall shorts which was my mom's. This Vans SK8-hi sneakers was my choice since the beginning because I thought it would be perfect for this outfit. If you notice, I brought a sling bag that I got from local magazine CosmoGirl!, it's their anniversary freebies. It's a plain black bag so I tied my bandana on it, yay or nay? Anyway, I went to Neo Soho yesterday and there are a lot of spots to take outfit photos, one of them is this corner inside Central department store. It was too dark already so I can't take proper outdoor shots but I hope you enjoy these night shots ❤
Canon EOS60D // 50mm f/1.8

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Event Report: Mukka Cosmetics @Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2016

Happy weekend- I'm working at home tho-! Last Thursday I attended a blogger gathering at Mukka Cosmetics booth at Cosmobeauté Indonesia 2016 at JCC, Senayan. I met Stevie Wong there- my fellow introvert blogger- and some other blogger friends, and new friends too :) Luckily I'm less lock-myself-in-my-room now and try to socialize more. 
mukka kosmetik blogger gathering | bigdreamerblog.com
Ellen - Ghina - Stevie - Mei
Have you ever heard about Mukka Cosmetics? 
"Mukka merupakan kosmetik import dan sudah beredar di Indonesia sejak tahun 2004. Mukka memiliki serangkaian kosmetik yang hips, fancy dan trendy. Produsen kami telah memiliki sertifikat GMPC dan mensupplai produknya ke negara-negara seperti Italia, USA, Brazilia, Turki, dsb. Di Indonesia, kosmetik Mukka telah memperoleh sertifikasi BPOM."
It's a trendy and affordable cosmetics with the tagline "kosmetik nggak perlu mahal" or cosmetic doesn't have to be expensive. It has various products such as lip balm, lipstick, lip cream, eye shadow palettes, blush-on, eyeliner, nail polish, false lashes, etc. Let's have a photo tour to see their products!
mukka kosmetik 35 color eyeshadow palette | bigdreamerblog.com
I love this 35 colors eye shadow palettes! It's only IDR 40k but I didn't buy it because I'm on shopping ban :p
These cute lip balms give some color to your lips and it got more pink after a while.

Mukka cosmetics have various nail polishes and their innovative product is this color changing nail polish:

It color changes depend on your mood and room temperature. To simply try it out, just dip your hand into a bowl of icy cold water and the color changed! Amazing, right? Check out the change:
mukka kosmetik changing color nail glitter | bigdreamerblog.com
It changed from pale pink into darker pink and I love how it turned out after some time. You got a really pretty ombre nails! ❤
mukka kosmetik changing color nail | bigdreamerblog.com
I tried their colorful ones and love the candy colors. But, when I dipped it into cold water, the change couldn't really seen. The color just got darker, that's all. I personally love the glittery one than these candy colors :)
mukka kosmetik goodie bag | bigdreamerblog.com
They gave us a goodie bag contains of their products: changing color nail polishes, lip balms, lip cream, eyeliner, and a makeup set. ありがとう! This is it, see you on the next post (really soon)! じゃあね!

Mukka Kosmetik
Instagram: @mukka_kosmetik
Facebook: Mukka Kosmetik

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Polkadot Sleeveless Dress

polkadot sleeveless dress | bigdreamerblog.com
"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction 
ends up being the biggest step of your life."
Hi, it's already 1.00 AM and here I am writing this post. I was considering to write it tomorrow but I must go to work so I will end up writing this after work and I will fell sleepy again. ...and repeat.
polkadot sleeveless dress look | bigdreamerblog.com
polkadot sleeveless dress outfit | bigdreamerblog.com
polkadot sleeveless dress with outerwear | bigdreamerblog.com
Dress- Stradivarius // Outerwear- Gaudi // Slip-on- Stradivarius // Backpack- Zara
I wore this outfit to meet my friend, Kenezia a few months ago. The dress is from Stradivarius and it's kinda tricky for me. I don't like showing my arms because I think they look huge, but wearing this dress with any outerwear like denim jacket was a big no. It's just weird. Thankfully I have this black long outerwear from Gaudi and I think it's quite a match. My friend told me to take off my outerwear and she took a lot of photos but I didn't post it all here because I just...don't feel confident about it, hahaha. One thing I love from this dress is the frills part. As for my shoes, this Stradivarius slip-on is always a good choice for any casual and not-too-boyish outfit.
Oh, anyway the condition was soooo nice to take these photos. The sun was so bright and the results worth our sweat ;p Maybe this can be your reference to take outfit photos at Central Park Mall around 4.30 PM.

That's all, dreamers. I need to sleep or I won't be able to wake up early for work T_T Hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned for next outfit post! Jaa ne~

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