Wednesday, October 10, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Shades of Blue Again

Shades of Blue Again Outfit |
Hi, Dreamers! Long story short, I decided to take a break from blogging (a short break tho) and finally get the mood back. I didn't want to write blog posts half-hearted so it's better not to write at all. I will start again with this new outfit post-- which remind me of Korean fashion a lot. Oh, in case you're wondering why the title is "Shades of Blue Again", it's because I've a post with same title "Shades of Blue" a year ago. 
Shades of Blue Again Korean Fashion |
Shades of Blue Korean Fashion |
I wore this outfit to office that day because I also had an event to attend at night and decided not to waste the proper outfit, I took some products review photos + outfit photos too, haha. I used Foodie to take these pics, it's my favorite application at this moment. Turns the pics better ;)Shades of Blue Again Outfit |
Shades of Blue Again OOTD |
Shades of Blue Again Beret |
The outfit was pretty simple because I was gonna go the event venue by motorcycle. I wore a blue camisole over a white tee, I got it from Korea for cheap price. Cute, isn't it? I paired it with cropped flare jeans from Someday and Vans Old Skool Platform. To make the look even cuter, I wore my new beret hat in navy color. As expected, a little touch of beret always save the whole look. What's your one little thing that can save your look? I'd love to know ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bless Acne Series Review // Untuk Kulit Berminyak dan Berjerawat

Kalian udah pernah denger tentang produk Bless belum, sih? Aku nggak tau ya beauty enthusiasts yang umurnya jauh di bawah aku tau apa nggak (eh, tapi aku nggak setua itu juga sih), tapi Bless ini adalah brand yang udah ada sejak lama banget di Indonesia. Dari zaman aku masih sekolah produk ini udah ada dimana-mana, tapi jujur aja aku belum pernah nyobain sama sekali sebelumnya. Makanya, pas dapet kesempatan buat ngereview Bless Acne Series ini, aku penasaran banget sama hasilnya.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Denim Overall Dress and Beret

Hola, Dreamers! I'm feeling kinda lost, don't know why writing blog has been so hard to do lately. Not that I don't love blogging anymore, just getting harder to sit down and type. I hate when I feel like that, that's why I kinda forced myself to start being productive again. For today, it's gonna be an outfit post. Okay, a late outfit post. 

I wore this denim overall dress that my friend gave me, well actually she bought it for herself but it's too small for her so it's gifted to me as birthday present -_- It suits my style so that's okay tho, hahaha. Imo, this overall dress is easy to style, you just wear t-shirt beneath it and done. If you want more effort, you can wear cute sweatshirt/ long sleeves shirt inside, mock neck top is also cute. There is no rule to style this denim overall dress so it's up to your creativity ;) As for me, I completed the look with Vans Sk8-hi and bum bag. To make it look cuter, I also added beret hat. It's somehow became my signature look (with beret). 

Oh, there are these cute installments at Central Park when I took the pictures, so I took some there as well. The color is so meee! Anyway, that day I also purchased a new lens for my Fujifilm XA2, lol. I've been planning to buy 35mm lens but not on that day actually :)) I used Meike lens for taking these pictures but it's manual focus so it's hard for my mom to use, in the end we bought the new lens :"") I hope it's a nice investment for my blog! Jaa, see ya on the next post.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Event Report: #TerusAktif with the New Kotex Ultrathins

One thing I (or any girls) can't live without is sanitary pad. Especially when you're active and have many things to do, you need the right pad to support all your activities when you're on period. Long story short, I was invited to the launching event of Kotex Ultrathins by Beauty Journal. 
The event was started with the "launch" of Kotex Ultrathins inside a pinata-- was broken by Beatrice (Kotex) and Mira Monika (Sociolla). After that, we're having talk show. From the talkshow, we were learned that it's important to change our pads as many as possible. It's no good to use the same pad for a long time, even when you're too busy. If possible, we're suggested to change it everytime going to the toilet. 
Kotex Ultrathins is no.1 brand in Australia, designed for modern and active girls, so we can still do our activities without any worry. It can absorb 3x faster, ultra thin, breathable, and flexible. It has unique packaging design with string to keep it hygienic, pad is no longer boring white but now with colors and patterns. Kotex Ultrathins has two packaging: Rainbow (without wings) with 14 pads and Patterns (with wings) with 12 pads. 
After learning session, we're having fun time by playing group games such as photo challenge and  Twister. We're told to pose as modern and active girls at the photobooth there. Guess what, in the end we won that challenge, lol. Next, we played twister where one member of the group (my friend) must answered the question and if we failed, another member (me) must perform the punishment. We failed once tho, not bad lah hahaha. 
The event was fun and we got to catch up one with another, plus we got some important information about sanitary pads ;D They also gave us goodie bag from Kotex and the bag is super cute! Can't wait to try this when I'm on my period ;)

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