Monday, January 16, 2017

Event Report: Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) Night + AMIAYA in Jakarta

TGC night in jakarta amiaya | www.bigdreamerblog.comYoo, Dreamers! Have you heard about Tokyo Girls Collection? It's a semi-annual fashion event in Japan, especially in Tokyo which is loved by Japanese fashionista (and even all round the world!) And, this year TGC held their first event in Jakarta: TGC Night at Empirica and also presented AMIAYA! AMIAYA was the main reason I went to the event! Ok, actually I'm also a fan of TGC itself. I enjoy watching the models I usually see in magazine walking on the runway. They showcased this year spring/summer collections from Japanese designers like Lips Service, Duras, Egoist, Rienda, and Redyazel.
AMIAYA in TGC night jakarta |
The event was started with a press conference and I was kinda late because of traffic plus the driver took wrong direction so I must heels T.T Fortunately I could see Ami, Aya, and another models on the stage before they left! Amiaya was my high school girl crush (I'm still a fan tho) and I've never imagined to see them this up close omg.
AMIAYA performance in TGC night jakarta |
So, that was actually my FIRST TIME EVER going to club and I'm not going back. I enjoyed AMIAYA's performance but the lighting and loud music made me dizzy. Sob. People were enjoying tho. I also met some of my instagram and blog friends. 
TGC night in jakarta amiaya blogger |
Finally, after waited while enjoying AMIAYA's performance, the Tokyo Girls Collection had actually started. The bar has been prepared as the runway, reporters and videographer were gathering, and we were 'trapped' between them but thankfully can see the fashion show well. I was so close with the models and kept wondering why they're so cute T.T They're so cute in magazine but even cuter in the real life! Anyway, we were so lucky to be the first one to see this collection and you can get this collection at (x)S.M.L  stores in Jakarta. 
tokyo girls collection jakarta fashion show |
There're also the fashion exhibition at Kota Kasablanka, which I will write about the event later. Stay tuned and brace yourself for the cuteness! 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Review: Vitalis Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray

Hola Dreamers! I'm back with another review post :D This time Clozette Indonesia sent me 2 Vitalis Fragranced Body Spray Glamorous to review. To be honest, I'm not a fan of fragrance because I have a weak nose, it's so sensitive to dust and smells T.T When I'm in dusty room or even fragrance store, I will freakin' sneeze non stop. As time goes by, I force myself to use fragrance or perfume to special ocassions so I'll at least smell good. Enough of blabbering, let's start the review!

Vitalis body spray is packaged in aerosol form with glamorous metallic packaging designs. I think the size is travel friendly because it's quite thin and not heavy at all. I don't know if it's only mine or other people also experience the same thing but I find it quite hard to spray. Despite of the glamorous design, this body spray is very affordable with only IDR 20.000-25.000 for 100ml size. 

Vitalis Fragranced Body Spray [FANTASY]
"Being glamour is about creating a fantasy around you. Be glamorous with soft tone scent of Vitalis Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray Fantasy."
This combination of flower and soft musky scent packaged in metallic red aerosol spray will give you a mysterious scent and represents Paris. In my opinion, this scent is quite strong and not my kind of scent. Note that it depends on your taste, because I'm personally not a fan of flower scents, even it's body wash, body lotion, or body spray. Some people will love this, but not for me. I think this kind of scent is suitable for a glamorous party or classy dinner with your loved one. Spray this and you will get admiration stare from people ;))

Vitalis Fragranced Body Spray [DREAM]
"Feeling luxurious in a special moment is everybody dream. Be glamorous with the enchanting scent of Vitalis Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray Dream."
This Vitalis Glamorous Fragranced Body Spray Dream is packaged in blue color which I think is suitable for the theme "Dream". It also represents New York City, a city that never sleeps. With the glamorous scent of Orange, flower, and musky combination, you will get a long lasting scent. Personally I prefer this one because the scent smells so fresh. Again, it depends on your taste. I think I prefer this one because of the orange scent (fyi, my one and only fragrance is mango scent, lol). Not only for party or special ocassions, this scent is suitable for daily use too.
When you first spray these body spray, the scent is quite strong but it will fade as time goes by. Make sure to spray it to your body in 15cm distance.

Have you ever tried this fragranced body spray? Anyway, you can also join the #OOTD contest #GlamorousQueen to get Swarovski jewelry worth millions!! For more information, you can visit their website here: ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dress Like a Japanese

how to dress like a japanese blog |
As you know, Japanese street style has always been my style inspiration and muse. I don't even realize anymore that I always end up dressing like them (in a simpler and lazier way). From the beginning of my outfit posts, I think this one is the closest one to japanese street style, don't you think so? Tell me about it after finish reading this post, okay?
dress like a japanese | www.bigdreamerblog.comI decided to wear this outfit to Colony Collection Market with japanese street style as the concept lol. I need to take the bus to go there, so I didn't want to wear something too 'rempong' (a hassle) but still want to look..ehm...cute. HAHAHA. I'm a fan of Donald Duck and here I am, wearing a Donald Duck t-shirt from Uniqlo with hand-me-down black skirt from my Grandma. To make this look trendier, I wore Vans Sk8-Hi and add bandana as hair accessory. Because Colony Collection Market is an toy and game exhibition, I decided to bring my Monster University x Star Wars tote bag, designed by one of illustrator I met at Popcon. Voila! You got a japanese street style (or daily wear) outfit!
Anyway, there were some random questions that day lol. One of the security at CCM asked me if my hair real or a wig. Then I went to Kinokuniya and someone approached me, talked to me in Japanese. Fortunately I could understand and could answer him. He asked me if I'm a Japanese, lol. I was kinda happy, tho :p Thanks to Stevie who took these oh-so-japanese photos! 

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