Monday, June 26, 2017

Rosegal Haul + Review

Hi, dreamers! Back to you with a new fashion post ;) I just got back from Bandung and decided to write this post today because I have a lot of blog post ideas to share with you guys πŸ’• So, I got a chance to choose a few items from Rosegal and review them on this blog. I've received the package 2 weeks ago but just can write it now. Keep scrolling to know what the items are 😍
I've been wanting to buy this kind of heart sunglasses because I think it's so 90s and it's super cute. When I saw this Heart Shape Gradient Sunglasses at Rosegal website, I didn't think twice to put it on the "shopping bag".
It's similar with the picture on the website, with nice pink to yellow gradient tinted lens + gold frames. The distance between 2 lenses is quite far so I need to adjust a little bit to fit my nose but no problem with that actually.
The second item is this Fish Net Plain Ankle Socks in black. I was scared to wear any fishnet because I think I can't rock it well, but a pair of fishnet socks won't hurt, right? It's easy to style and can give an instant edgy look to your outfit.
The appearance might look not promising, but once I put it on, I was surprised by how it looked. It fits perfectly even on -ehem- my thick ankles. It goes best with my white sneakers and I can wear it with mom jeans or even skater skirt. Yeay!
I love wearing midi-maxi skirt especially with fun prints on it, so I definitely can't refuse when I found this skirt with sunflowers all over it. I thought this Sunflower Print High Waist Skater Skirt would be perfect for summer (in Japan!) with a crop top and boater hat.

I can say that it looks the same with the sample picture on web! The material is quite nice and a little stiff but I like this skirt a lot. Unfortunately, I ordered it in size L and turned out it's too big for me, should've just ordered the M one. I think my body hasn't reached that size, huh? Hahaha. I wore it with my Minnie Mouse crop top but I tucked it in plus fish net socks above and white sneakers. Japanese street style enough? 😝
And the last item I got from Rosegal is this pom-pom choker. I always bought plain choker to play safe but this Multilayered Ball Embellished Choker Necklace was tempting and I ended up buying it. 
Well, I don't think I could pull it well...or could I? It's actually cute with the pink string for tied-up choker look and those pom-poms in my favorite color. I think plain t-shirt or pastel tops will fit this choker better than my Minnie Mouse top. The quality is not bad for choker with affordable price tho.
Overall, I love all of the products from Rosegal. The shipping was around 3 weeks...or more? I'm not sure exactly how long but they arrived safely and sound + perfectly wrapped. Hope you like this haul and review post! Jaa ne~

Saturday, June 24, 2017

5 Things to Do in Bandung

5 Things to Do in Bandung |
Hi, dreamers! It's another long holiday in Indonesia, or the so called Idul Fitri/Lebaran. Apparently we have 7-10 days off to mudik (going back to hometown) or traveling or doing anything we want. Some places near Jakarta have always been the favorite destination such as Bogor, Puncak, or Bandung. I also plan to go to Bandung this holiday (don't know can make it or not because of the traffic but let's pray we can) and here are some things to do in Bandung based on my last trip. I hope this can help you to decide what to do there ;)

My friend Andyna and I were trapped in the bad traffic so it's pretty late when we arrived at Bandung. We had lunch at Pasteur Hyperpoint (nothing special and I didn't take any photos) and rushed to The Lodge Maribaya.
The Lodge Maribaya |
It's located around 45 minutes from the city- without the traffic jam. We went there by motorcycle and I can say it's not a good idea, hahaha. The first 30 minutes might be enjoyable but after that, hell no I just kept wondering when we would arrive. 
The Lodge Maribaya is one of the "it" destination in Lembang, Bandung because of its unique photo spots. Swing with the background of pine trees, cycling on a string, or just sitting there with a green scenery it is. Entrance ticket was IDR 25.000 and to take photos at the attractions, you need to pay again. 
Guess what, after all those long rides from Jakarta to Bandung (5 or 6 hours) and Bandung to Lembang, we ended up with nothing because we no longer could buy the tickets for those photos spots. SERIOUSLY?!! Ticket box will be closed after 3 PM so make sure you go there earlier to grab the chance to have instagrammable pics ;) Oh, not to forget you can also rent the tent to stay a night there. It's fun to chill with the bean bags and green scenery with friends or family!

We were super hungry (+tired) after the long journey and decided to walk around Dago to have dinner. Dago is a popular location to enjoy a lot of food and after a while we decided to eat at a fusion Japanese Restaurant called Sushi Den. There's also cafe beside it where you can order coffee and snacks.
I had omelette + katsu and once again I didn't take many photos because the lighting was quite dark and I was too hungry. To be honest, the food were just so-so, nothing special nor impressive, just enough to fill my hungry tummy. If I must mention one thing I love about it, it's definitely the Japanese corner!

One of the fun things to do in a 1 night 2 days trip is strolling around the hotel/guest house you're staying, isn't it? I stayed at a 8-beds room which was my first time (it's before my Japan trip) and loving it. It's only around IDR 125.000 one night and we also got free breakfast. 
The hotel has traditional vibe (I think it's Balinese) and a lot of plants which made it so interesting to walk around in the morning. Oh, it also has swimming pool but I didn't swim tho. We can eat breakfast at the living room or at the outdoor tables around the pool while sun-bathing (I wouldn't do that because it'd be freakin' hot hahaha).

The next day we decided to enjoy Bandung like a local, we went to Balai Kota Bandung. The main reason we went there is the Taman Labirin which has become one of the "hits" place to visit after Ridwan Kamil (the mayor of Bandung) posted it on his Instagram. 
Taman Labirin is a revitalization of Taman Merpati, shape like a circle labyrinth with 4 entrance/exit based on the cardinal direction. 
Beside the Taman Labirin, there are another activities there such as animal lover communities, kids playing soccer or rolling-skate, or just sitting around to enjoy the weekend. Plus, it's free!

Braga street is near the Balai Kota, and it has unique vibe which I love. You can find a lot of restaurants here. The street itself is really instagrammable and make you feel like you're not in a foreign country. You can easily find people having photoshoots here.
We had lunch at The Suga Rush which is also a fusion restaurant. It has cute and fun interior with murals and they also sell cakes! I had pasta and again, it's good but not impressive just your standard creamy pasta. Price was affordable and not overprice for the food quality ;)
We always have room for desserts, don't we? Tried this mango ice cream for just IDR 12.000...? I forgot, but it's super cheap for sure! It's super nice despite of the cheap price, now I'm craving for it T.T

There are a lot of tourist attractions along the street to Lembang such as Dusun Bambu, The Ranch, Floating Market, Farm House, etc. You can also check my #BandungDiary series to know more about what to do in Bandung. Hope this post can help you! Happy holiday xx

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hot Trend: How to Wear Gingham Prints

How to Wear Gingham Prints |
Even before it becomes trend, I've always love gingham prints. I also already wore it before as can be seen in this post and this post. Nowadays, gingham prints can be easily found in blogger's outfit post or #OOTD in Instagram, so here is my latest mix and match to wear gingham prints!
how to wear gingham prints mix and match |
How to Wear Gingham Prints Parka |
Parka- thrifted // Gingham dress- unbranded // Bandana headband- Osaka // Glitter Sneakers- Stradivarius // Socks- Artbox // Backpack- Zara
how to wear gingham prints sneakers |
how to wear gingham prints japobs |

I wore this outfit to ANY event at Central Park, but my blogger friends were going home after lunch so I had no one to take my outfit photos. And then I remembered that there's something that can be used as a fake tripod so here are my self-taken pics, as always hahaha. I wore my denim blue gingham dress with a thrifted parka that's surprisingly well-matched. My outfit wouldn't be complete without my glittery sneakers and black backpack (seriously I need a new one). My hair already turns into pastel/purple-ash color, I need to retouch but nah maybe next month (or another next month) so I just added my favorite bandana-headband I bought at Osaka.
Do you love gingham prints like I do? How are you going to style it? 
Please tell me at the comment box, I'd love to read :D

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