Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some new year resolution

I've made some resolution for this year . Hm.. these just "a little part" of my whole resolution , maybe the most important things to do .

FIRST , i wanna change my bad habit(s) into good habits :) I'm 18 this year and it's not suitable for me to act like a kid anymore . I will be moody no more , must be patient in face any problems . Obey my grandma and parents' advice .

SECOND , i will study harder so that i can pass the final exam with good score . Pray for me :)

THIRD , save more money . I will try my best to control my desire to eat haha . Hope i can buy SLR this year *wishing* . I plan to buy a piggy bank ^^

4th , blog more :D i really in love with blog . Wish my blog can get more followers and visitors , also can inspiring people :)

5th , Learn sewing , japanese after finish my high school , altough just for several months before i go to university ;')

6th , being better in EVERYTHING of course the good things ;p

7th , etc :D

Wish everybody will live this year better than last year !

Please leave comment , so i can be better in blogging :) THX~

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