Monday, November 13, 2017

The Sky Is The Limit

The Sky is The Limit |
"The sky is only your limit if you limit yourself.
With God your life has limitless possibility."
- Shimika Bowers
The Sky is The Limit Outfit |
Was helping my friend shooting ads as soundman (or girl?) and one of the location was this sort of rooftop thingy, it was 8th floor. When we finished shooting there, the talents were taking photos so I asked them to take some pics of me too, hahaha *blogger mode on* It was shot by a quite popular photographer and taken by my friend's iphone 7+. The results are amazing for phone camera, aren't they?
I was wearing my favorite Pink Panther sweatshirt (thanks to my sis for buying it for me directly from Korea ๐Ÿ’–), new stripes trousers from Bershka, and my all time favorite sneakers from Reebok. It sure gives boyish vibe but I really love this look ;)) What do you think? 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Event Report: "Girls, Let's Rock The World" with Mizzu

Hola, dreamers! I'm gonna write you another event report, this time is Beauty Journal x Mizzu event; "Girls, let's rock the world!". Mizzu was popular for its eyeliner but now they expanded their products into cushion, eyeshadow, lip creams, and even micellar water! Moreover, rather than typical beauty event, we did a lot of fun activities and challenges, such as: Guessing what products the model using, watching Mizzu short film trailer, make our own lip cream, and eye makeup challenge. Keep on reading to know more about these fun activities ;)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ไปŠๆ—ฅใฎๆœ: Wedding

ootd wedding |
One of my colleague was getting married last Saturday and this was my outfit for her wedding. Simple, still proper even tough I wore sneakers. That blink blink was an excuse for sure ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I was wearing old dress from Cache Cache, Zara sling bag, and Stradivarius sneakers

Berburu Tiket Murah di Pegipegi untuk Liburan Akhir Tahun

Hola, dreamers! It's the time of the year again! Udah memasuki 2 bulan terakhir tahun 2017, pikiran udah nggak fokus di kerjaan. Bawaannya pengen liburan mulu, hahaha. Jadi inget bulan-bulan ini tahun lalu aku udah berhasil beli tiket ke Jepang dan super excited buat nunggu bulan Maret. Sejujurnya akhir-akhir ini aku gatel banget ngecekin website-website buat nyari tiket pesawat. Semacam ingin banget beli tiket buat liburan akhir tahun, tapi juga galau mau nabung buat liburan (dengan skala lebih besar) tahun depan. Yah, andai saja nyari uang segampang halu liburan ya ๐Ÿ˜

Sejak teknologi semakin maju dan segala hal serba online, traveling sebenernya jadi lebih gampang, ya nggak sih? Sekarang kita tinggal buka website travel tertentu buat nyari tiket atau sekedar ngecek harga tiket pesawat. Jujur deh, rajin pantengin website travel juga buat berburu promo tiket murah kan? Worry not, I bet everybody does, aku juga gitu. Nah, kebetulan di bulan November ini salah satu online travel agent di Indonesia, Pegipegi lagi punya promo menarik untuk tiket pesawat yang pastinya bisa bikin traveling lebih hemat.
Aku yakin nama Pegipegi udah nggak asing lagi kan ya, khususnya buat kalian yang seneng traveling. Pegipegi adalah online travel agent di Indonesia yang diresmikan 7 Mei 2012, menyediakan layanan booking hotel, tiket pesawat hingga tiket kereta api. Pegipegi menjadi layanan pemesanan travel online yang cepat, mudah, dan berkualitas berkat dukungan dari Recruite Holdings, sebuah perusahaan di Jepang yang mengelola 
Selain cepat, mudah, dan berkualitas, Pegipegi juga punya beberapa keunggulan untuk memudahkan urusan liburan kita (khususnya untuk yang mager keluar rumah). Pemesanan bisa dilakukan melalui website (komputer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) ataupun melalui aplikasi di Android/iOS dengan metode pembayaran via kartu kredit, bank/ATM transfer, internet banking, dan juga bayar tunai di Indomaret. Nggak perlu bingung/khawatir juga kalo ada problem saat pemesanan atau sekedar ingin nanya-nanya, karena Pegipegi juga menyediakan customer service yang siap melayani kamu ;)
Saat ini, Pegipegi terhubung langsung dengan lebih dari 7.000 hotel di Indonesia dengan berbagai keunggulan seperti jaminan harga terbaik (Best Price Guarantee) dan pemesanan hotel di hari yang sama saat menginap (Last Minute Booking). Jadi, dengan aplikasi ini kita nggak perlu panik kalau terjadi sesuatu di luar rencana kita, seperti tiba-tiba nggak bisa pulang di hari yang sama karna faktor cuaca dan harus nginep semalem. Selain banyak pilihan hotel, Pegipegi juga nyediain lebih dari 20.000 rute penerbangan setiap hari (domestik maupun internasional) dan lebih dari 1.600 rute untuk kereta api.
Nah, spesial di bulan November ini, Pegipegi ngadain promo 11+11 sale yang berlaku untuk booking hotel dan pembelian tiket pesawat. Kita bisa nikmatin diskon hingga 22% (maksimum Rp 600.000) untuk booking hotel dan diskon hingga Rp 220.000 untuk tiket pesawat. Jangan sampe ketinggalan ya, karena promo ini hanya berlaku dari tanggal 9 November hingga 11 November pukul 00:00 hingga 23.59 WIB. Jangan lupa juga, kamu harus udah tergabung sebagai member Pegipegi ya biar bisa nikmatin promo 11+11 ini.
Untuk pemesanan hotel di Pegipegi dalam periode promo ini, kalian bisa dapetin kode kupon diskon 10% yang hanya berlaku untuk pemesanan via desktop dan mobile web. Kode voucher 10% ini juga bisa kalian pakai lebih dari sekali, lho. But please note that untuk dapet diskon maksimal (22%) promo 11+11 ini hanya berlaku untuk 1x pemakaian dan cuma bisa kalian nikmatin dari aplikasi Pegipegi ya, dreamers! Nggak ribet kok, kalian tinggal install aplikasi PegiPegi di smartphone kalian, available for both Android and iOS ;) Nggak perlu juga repot pindah ke tab lain karena aku bakal ngasih kalian link downloadnya: 
Nggak hanya hotel, promo ini juga berlaku untuk tiket pesawat dengan tanggal keberangkatan kapan aja. Kalian bisa gunain kode kupon diskon 50.000 (minimal transaksi Rp2.000.000), kode kupon diskon 20.000 (min. transaksi Rp1.000.000), dan kode kupon 10.000 (min. transaksi Rp500.000) hanya via aplikasi Android/iOS. Sedangkan untuk pemesanan via desktop/mobile web kalian akan dapet kode kupon diskon 40.000 (min. transaksi Rp2.000.000), kode kupon 16.000 (min. transaksi Rp1.000.000), dan kode kupon 8.000 (min. transaksi Rp500.000). Tuh, lebih banyak untungnya kalo download aplikasi Pegipegi dan pesen lewat situ kan, hahaha. Ditambah lagi, kode ini bisa kamu pake lebih dari sekali!
Akhirnya aku iseng nyari-nyari tiket untuk ke Pontianak, hahaha. Kenapa Pontianak? It's my hometown and I kinda miss (grandma's) home and all the food in Pontianak. Siapa tau ada tiket pesawat murah, kenapa nggak? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Di aplikasi Pegipegi, kita tinggal pilih menu yang kita inginkan, di sini aku milih "Tiket Pesawat". Setelah masuk ke halaman tiket pesawat, kita tinggal masukin deh kota keberangkatan dan tujuan, sekaligus tanggal keberangkatan dan tanggal baliknya (sekali jalan/pulang pergi), serta jumlah tiketnya. Klik "Cari Tiket" dan voila! Tinggal pilih maskapai dan jam yang kamu inginkan. Oh iya, sebenernya kamu juga bisa lho nentuin mau maskapai apa, range harga, waktu berangkat, dan transit dengan mengklik ikon filter di pojok kanan atas (bisa dilihat di gambar di atas). Dengan adanya aplikasi Pegipegi ini, ngurusin liburan nggak serempong dulu lagi deh. Nyari flight dan hotel dalam satu aplikasi aja + promo lagi :))
For more information, you can check their social media below:
Instagram: pegi_pegi
Twitter: @pegi_pegi
Facebook: Pegipegi

Go visit Pegipegi, install the app, got your maximum discount, and enjoy your trip ;)
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

#BigDreamerInJapan 2017 // Complete Blog Posts

Hi, dreamers! I came with this idea of writing you a recap/a complete list of blog posts about my Japan trip. The reason is I want you to easily find any information/guide/inspiration you need for your own trip. Another reason is, I wrote some "work" post lately (yeah, I also need money to chase my dream so please bear with it ๐Ÿ‘) so you may find it difficult to browse each page.
Basically I will divide this post into some parts: Basic info/general and by city I've visited: Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo.
My 14 Days Japan Itinerary : Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo

No post yet.

Tokyo In Disposable Camera and Why You Should Get One
Things to Do: Shimokitazawa Walk

*For more updates, you can follow my Instagram: japobs or simply check hashtag #BigDreamerInJapan ๐Ÿ’–  

Friday, November 3, 2017

Meet the 1st Teh Tawar in RTP PET Bottle: Ichitan Teh Tawar!

Konnichiwa, dreamers! Life is kinda hectic lately but I honestly love it. Somehow, it feels like I'm finally living, not just exist. Problem is, when I'm busy with works, I tend to eat more than I should. I binge-eating (while binge-watching Stranger Things 2, ha!) while working in my office and also for my blog. When you eat just a little, something that doesn't even make you full, actually still high in calories and that will definitely make you bloat- especially sweet drinks. That's why even when I eat a lot, I push myself not to drink any sweet drink to balance. If I don't drink mineral water, my choice will go to plain tea. And guess what, that plain tea (or the so-called teh tawar in Bahasa) is now available in RTP PET bottle. It's a really cool idea because now I don't need to order teh tawar in restaurant (it's costed really high for some restaurant, huh!) nor make it myself (yeah, I'm that lazy a.ka. mager). 
Before we get to the product, let me tell you some benefits of Teh Tawar. Overall, drinking tea without sugar can give you a lot of positive effects to your body, such as:
☺ Helping you to lose weight
☺ A great anti-oxidant
☺ Reduce and relieving stress 
☺ Increase metabolism
☺ Maintain blood pressure
☺ and so much more.
| More about Ichitan Teh Tawar:  
Ichitan has been around for pretty long time in Indonesia and now they are selling the FIRST Teh Tawar in RTP PET bottle in Indonesia- stealing the idea of Indonesian people who love to drink tea for their meal companion. Ichitan Teh Tawar uses hand-picked of fresh organic tea buds which are less than 4 months old to reserve the best quality of anti-oxidants from Mount Patuha, Ciwidey Bandung. It's also mixed with jasmine flowers picked in the earlier morning to keep the aroma. To give you a nostalgic color and aroma of Nusantara, tea leaves and jasmine flowers are mixed trough roasting process. Moreover, this Teh Tawar uses Japanese high technology of cold aseptic filling and have no sugarno preservatives, and most important- 0 calories
As I've said above, Ichitan Teh Tawar is the first teh tawar packaged in RTP PET bottle in Indonesia, which made it really convenient to bring anywhere. The bottle itself is designed smaller in the middle for a better grip. It has strong and well-sealed cap, so it's safe to bring inside bag without spilling ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Can you see this cute indicator? The Wayang (Indonesian traditional puppets) is exhausted before drinking Ichitan Teh Tawar and become happy after finishing the drink. Okay, it's creative! 
And we finally get to the most important point, how is the taste anyway? It's taste much more better with jasmine flowers and doesn't taste bitter at all unlike the self-made teh tawar. When I first sipped the tea, I could smell the nice fragrance of jasmine flower then came the clean taste of tea. It's a nice beverage to drink after finishing the meal, especially Indonesian food. Want it to be fresher? Pour it into glass with ice! Ichitan Teh Tawar can be found in these outlets in Jabodetabek such as: Alfamidi, Lawson, Giant, and AEON for IDR 5.000 (420ml). 

Ichitan Teh Tawar is currently included in their newest campaign, "HARAP HARAP EMAS" period October 1 - December 31, 2017!! If you're lucky, there will be a notification below the bottle cap- saying you're a winner of (each) 30gr of Gold for 100 lucky winners. So, go buy your own Ichitan Teh Tawar and see if you're lucky enough to get the prize. Anyway, forgot to check mine T.T

To know more information about Ichitan Teh Tawar, you can visit their social media: Instagram. And for beauty to lifestyle tips, you can check Beautynesia ;)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch: Mastering Hollywood and Korean Brows

Last Monday I attended a 'pinky' event with Beauty Journal and Veet Sensitive Touch: "Mastering Hollywood and Korean Brows with Veet" beauty talkshow. Yeah, I don't usually attend blogger event on weekdays, but I decided to ask for permission from office. I'm glad I did tho, this event was fun and I finally met my blogger friends again after a while. It's basically a talkshow and also product demo by Ryan Ogilvy- introducing Veet Sensitive Touch electric trimmer. Want to know more about this event and the product? Keep on reading!
Veet is well-known for its hair removal cream, and now they expanded their product to this Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer, regarding of girls/women needs to appear clean and beautiful all the time- including the importance of "eyebrows on fleek" ๐Ÿ˜† This electric trimmer can be used to trim your eyebrows, underarms, to your bikini line. Interesting enough? Let's get to know more as we continue the event.
The event was opened by Editor in chief of Beauty Journal, Mira Monika. Then she welcomed Julie Estelle (as Veet Brand Ambassador) and Rachel Goddard (a popular beauty vlogger with fun personality). 
Julie Estelle shared her thoughts about Veet Sensitive Touch electric trimmer, said that it's really helpful to get nicely-trim eyebrows so she didn't need to put extra work in shaping her eyebrows. It's also really handy and easy to use, without make her skin breakout or cut. She also said that this electric trimmer is worth the price and can be used up to 2 years. So it's really a good "investment". Rachel also stated that she even used underarm-shaver for her eyebrows once ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Now thanks to Veet electric trimmer she can trim her eyebrows without hassle even when she's in a rush. This electric trimmer also easy to clean, you can clean it with water or just clean it with the brush included in the product. 
After some talks with those 2 gorgeous girls, we continued to product demo by Indonesian well-known MUA, Ryan Ogilvy. He was showing us how to use Veet Sensitive Touch electric trimmer to trim the brows into 2 styles: Korean eyebrows and Hollywood eyebrows.
Not only showed us how to trim the eyebrows, he also gave some tips and tricks about eyebrows, such as: adjust eyebrows shape with our face shape, what color to use, and he also said that he prefer not to shave all the brows off. It's better to leave some hair there. Yeah, that I agree lol.

After the talkshow and product demo finished, they announced some photo challenges winners and we also took group photos. Marissa and I needed to go to other place after the event, so we just left. Overall it was a fun event- I managed to catch up with my fellow blogger friends ๐Ÿ’–
As usual, Beauty Journal got us goodie bag to bring home and of course we got the Veet Sensitive Touch electric trimmer!
The price is around IDR 400.000 ($29.5) and you can buy it at Watson or online webstore. Also just want to give you my discount code for your purchase at Sociolla, dreamers! You can get IDR 50.000 off for mininum purchase of IDR 250.000. Just insert my code SBNLA6BR when you checkout.

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